iLead: Leadership Development Program

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About the Program

From individual development to high level leadership, the iLead program offers a unique corporate learning experience to improve the performance of  your people and organisation.

Our program tackles a number of valuable and stimulating topics that are relevant to all businesses alike such as:

  • Increased motivation
  • Enhanced team work
  • Cultural and behaviour change
  • Performance management
  • Matching personal goals with the goals of the company

iLead Program: what will you learn?

Find out more about four main stages of Leadership Development

1. Self-Leadership

2. Leading the Team

The first part of the program focuses on ability to lead and motivate yourself to personal excellence
before approaching others.

Learn to:

  • Reveal and overcome your inner blocks
  • Shape your personal circle of influence
  • Grow emotional intelligence
  • Deal with stress and build confidence

The second part of the program provides participants with interpersonal leadership skills contributing to continuous team effectiveness and efficiency.

Learn to:

  • Communicate effectively within a team
  • Lead by example
  • Inspire motivation and initiative
  • Build trust and confidence
  • Collaborate around common goals

3. Leading the Business

4. Providing Real Value

From leading a team to leading the business; participants will be introduced to best practices of process improvement led by innovation, coaching, mentoring and performance management.

Learn to:

  • Plan and monitor continuous improvement
  • Interpret and follow key business priorities
  • Overcome change barriers
  • Coach and mentor effectively
  • Implement performance management systems

The last part of the iLead Program is focused on building  long lasting customer relationships and providing  real value to the client.

Learn to:

  • Understand the underlying customer requirements
  • Build trust and mutual confidence
  • Monitor, adjust and review customer service
  • Maintain your value platform
  • Plan to meet internal and external customer needs
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