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Develop skills you need with the most effective course for you. Through our Registered Training Organisations we can offer nationally recognised courses and corporate training programs in business and administration, customer engagement, leadership and management, retail, hospitality, early childhood education and care, warehousing operations, cleaning and construction and foundation skills.

Business and Administration

Improve on the skills you already have with one of our Business Administration courses. Take the opportunity to be able to stand out in your workplace.


Customer Engagement

Drive your business forward with advanced customer engagement and sales skills. Take the opportunity to improve your skills of dealing with customers in a range of challenging scenarios.

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Leadership and Management

Enhance your individual skills or drive your company’s’ performance forward by improving the leaders and managers. Our Leadership and Management courses provide you with the skills and knowledge to lead any team to outstanding results.

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Expand on your skills and knowledge on the hospitality industry and processes with one of our Hospitality courses. Learn effective hygiene and food safety principles, how to operate a bar or coffee machine and coaching others

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Learn new skills and techniques that are transferable across a range of retail businesses. Learn the principles of efficient customer interaction, sales techniques and point of sales operations with one of our Retail courses.

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Early Childhood Education and Care

Take your career to another level or get skills needed to work with in the early childhood industry. Learn to design and implement curriculum in one of our Early Childhood Education and Care courses.

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Warehousing Operations

Enhance your knowledge and take the next step in your career or business. Take the opportunity to excel in warehousing operations by choosing one of our Warehousing courses.

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Cleaning Operations and Construction

Broaden your practical skills and stand out from the team with our Cleaning Operations and Management courses. Take your first step into the construction world with our Construction Pathways course.


Foundation Skills

Learn and expand the introductory skills and knowledge that you need to break into training and the workforce. Start your vocational education training with one of our Foundation Skills courses.


Ki Solutions – A fresh, effective approach to learning

Why Choose Us?


Innovation – We embrace technology and the very latest research, to offer cutting-edge training techniques and methods.


Flexibility – Our solutions are fully customised and are aligned with your specific business goals, regardless of the size of your business or your area of specialisation.


Experience –  Our team of expert consultants and business trainers have several years of combined industry experience.


Motivation – During the training courses not only provide practical knowledge and hand-on skills, but we also motivate, inspire, sparkle initiative and help to reveal the core strengths of your people.


Interaction –  Our training programs are highly interactive and closely depict the real life environment.